Shenyuens are of mostly human descent, dark-haired with almond shaped eyes and varying skin tones, from fair nobles to dark southerners. All Shenyuens are said to have a touch of elven blood in them, some say a remnant of their ancestry with Chang’e, the Maiden of the Moon. Over the centuries the Shenyue Empire has become a melting pot of races: Shenyuen elven dynasties, dwarven wuxia warriors, halfling ninjas, and many others that although not originally from the country, call Shenyue their home.

The different races can also be found around the rest of the world in many regions. In the Northern Jade Expanse hail the mountain dwarves who mine much of the precious rock; orc and half-orc barbarian tribes ruled by vicious khans live within the Marred Veldt; in the northern country of Tiyet live the mystical high elves who seek enlightenment cloistered high above in their majestic cities set within forested mountains.

The country of Rajhana to the west, across the Cyrenian Sea, is rich with gold and ruled by a Maharaja who lives in a great gold and emerald palace. The Rajhani are made up of swarthy and sophisticated humans who are in constant war with the Drow who live deep within the jungles of Rajhana. Some say there are even tribes of Drow who have now taken up in the southern jungles of Shenyue.

The northeast island nation of Yakoto is a land of ancient traditions steeped in the martial arts of ninjutsu, the way of the samurai, and the guiles of charismatic geisha. Its inhabitants consist mostly of humans, wood elves, and forest gnomes. Rumors state that the nation is ruled by a council of tsukai or wizards, which may be so, as Yakoto is rich in ancient primeval magic.


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