Romance of the Jade Kingdom

Shipwrecked on a Foreign Land (6/28/15)

Romance of the Jade Kingdom: Session 1


Traveling on the ship, Great Beauty, from the Lyr Republic in the west, the PC’s were headed east to the capital city of Tianyu in the Shenyue Empire to find adventure and start a new life. Before they were able to reach their destination, their ship came upon a powerful storm along the Ocean of Matsu and capsized. Suddenly they were shipwrecked on an unknown shore, the only survivors. Traveling inland, they encountered a yuan-ti hunting party surrounding an unusual tiger with two tails. The PC’s decided to intervene, killing the yuan-ti and rescuing the tiger before it fled towards the Ren-Jing forest. Little to their knowledge they were being watched. After the battle, a wood elf scout named Taka of the Senxia Tribe introduces himself to the PC’s and asks them, “Are you here to help the spirits of the forest?”.



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