Romance of the Jade Kingdom

Senxia Gu (3/26/16)

Romance of the Jade Kingdom: Session 3


The party makes it to Senxia Gu. Fan thanks the PC’s for their help and says they should visit him if they are ever in Pyanping. Taka asks the PC’s to explore the village while he requests an audience with the Council of Elders. In the marketplace, the PC’s speak to O Lin, a ginger poacher who has set up a stall with various ginger products including dried ginger, ground ginger, ginger tea, and the exotic white ginger. He asks the PC’s to help him collect wild white ginger.

The PC’s make their way to the Healer’s Hut of Wu Tao, the Compassionate Healer, where the head priest, Gong, tells them that he is in desperate need of a special ingredient for healing potions. This ingredient, a plant called a Whisper Tail, can be found in Moon Fairy Pond which is located outside of the village. The pond itself is the home of a local swan named Tian’e, but has not been seen for awhile.

After exploring the Moon Fairy Pond, the PC’s check into the Silver Monkey Tavern. Yuriko and Helga meet Yu Shu Lien and Zurgo who warn them of a person of interest described as a Shenyuen woman with long black hair. Taka then appears and gathers the PC’s to meet with the Council Elders.



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