Romance of the Jade Kingdom

Important Decisions

Romance of the Jade Kingdom: Session 9


  • Yuriko comes across a blighted area in the forest with multiple small mounds. She is attacked by zombies and an angry restless spirit called a myling.
  • While traveling through Ren Jing forest, they come across a group of soldiers of unknown affiliation. As they attempt to spy on them, they witness the two mercenaries, Yu Shu Lien and Zurgo, who they met earlier in Senxia Gu, also spying on the soldiers. Yuriko transforms into a squirrel and finds that the soldiers looking at a map with an unfamiliar landmark marked on it: Xin Ravine Fortress. The heroes decide to forge ahead and not interact with either the soldiers or the mercenaries.
  • On the way to Pyanping, they cross Yellow Bridge which spans the Yellow Serpent river. The PC’s meet Forward General Li Yan who is stationed with a vanguard regimen. They mention to the general all of the curious happenings with the spirits and the yuan-ti. Although preoccupied with the his own activities at the bridge, the general tells them that he will attempt to send word to Golden General Yan Yan in the city. They continue onward to the big city.



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